Road Trip: Day 1, aka, Delaware is hell.

We had a good first day of driving from Long Island, New York to Williamsburg, Virginia. The traffic going through New York to get into Jersey was, of course, a nightmare! It made me question if NY is all it is cracked up to be. Considering I have lived there forever, the question is still up for debate.

Mike and I had the music blasting, our first day playlist consisting mostly of new album Taylor Swift and 90’s classics like Bush and Nirvana. We were belting out tunes like the road tripping monsters that we are. We bought an EZ Pass on the way, which worked out better than we could have hoped.

New Jersey was a breeze, and (miracle upon miracles) we didn’t get pulled over. NJ troopers love New York plates, but we kept the cruise control at 65 the whole way. Delaware, unfortunately, was not so fun. While I am sure the state has some redeeming qualities (think: no sales tax, Dogfish Head Brewery), to drive through, it was kind of miserable. The amount of abandoned barns and farmhouses would make a horror film crew happy for decades. We didn’t ride the coastline, which may have been more “scenic,” but this was the most direct route to our first destination.

One thing that was fun was to see the still-populated farms and wave to the cows and horses. I know, such a cliché, but it’s the truth. The hawks flying overhead were also an impressive sight. Also, and you can’t beat the gas prices… anywhere out of New York! This was a huge concern for my travel partner and I, considering our budget.

Going through Maryland was uneventful, and by this time we were getting a bit tired (about 4 hours in). The trees were impressive; New York’s forests are more densely populated, but much less tall. Maybe this has to do with the heat. Seeing the TNT, fireworks, and guns signs were funny, seeing how restrictive our area is. Getting stuck behind a tractor driving on the road however… not so fun.

Tractors apparently only go up to 25 mph on a 55 mph road.

My favorite part was driving through the tunnel in Virginia under the Thimble Shoal Channel. it goes under the water, and while it was a little claustrophobic, the tunnel-vision lighting was super cool. The water in Virginia is so blue and fresh-looking. I would be tempted to go for a swim, if given the option.

Thimble Shoal Channel Tunnel

By the time we hit Williamsburg, we just checked into our hotel and ate dinner. The sights will have to wait for tomorrow!


One thought on “Road Trip: Day 1, aka, Delaware is hell.

  1. I am a born and raised Delawarean! It’s not hell, it’s heaven! Thanks for visiting the first state!


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