Road Trip days 4-5: Georgia on My Mind.

I am going to preface this portion with an apology, and an explanation. The apology is for my absence; for those good at math, you can see I haven’t written in four days. The hotels we have been staying at, while cheap and a decent place to lay your head, don’t exactly provide the best WiFi. One place we stayed at in New Orleans didn’t even have WiFi at all, just wired internet. I have been spoiled my whole life.

The explanation is for this entry, will be taken up mostly with a glowing recommendation of Tybee Island, Georgia. I am an island girl, always have been, having spent the first 21 years of my life on Fire Island, NY. I only left my hometown after Hurricane Sandy, which devastated me. To find a beach so like my beloved FI, and to find out they rarely get hurricanes, is a dream come true for me. So there it is.

First, the drive to  Savannah GA from suburban South Carolina was scenic for a little while, but pretty boring as time went on. When we finally got into Savannah, Mike and I immediately needed dinner and a beer to unwind from the five-hour drive. We found a little brewpub called Moon River Brewing Company. The food was perfect, and the beer was sufficient enough to make us happy. A long sunset walk down River Street made the night perfect. Savannah is like Williamsburg NY in how hipster, up-and-coming, and gentrified it is. The native population seems to be a mix of gentle thugs and southern belles, which is being infiltrated with college-aged artists and craft-beer drinkers, and somehow the two groups are mingling just fine. At no point wandering around the city did we feel unsafe, and everyone’s happy drunkenness was welcome instead of rowdy.

Pretty southern trees added to sweet southern air; it's almost enough to convert a cold Northern heart.
Pretty southern trees added to sweet southern air; it’s almost enough to convert a cold Northern heart.
The boyfriend finds tall places for me to stand to make me seem even shorter. Love the scenery though.
The boyfriend finds tall places for me to stand to make me seem even shorter. Love the scenery though.

Oh yeah, that. Who knew that most of the southern cities allow you to drink in the streets? What an amazing discovery.

Anyway, the next day was spent on Tybee Island, which is a twenty minute drive out of the city down a long road into paradise. If anyone is remotely in the area of Georgia, they should see Tybee. The buildings are cheerfully painted, the sped limit is 10 miles an hour, and the air tastes of salt and happiness. They even have an Optimist’s Club, like seriously this place is happy. And on top of being happy, they have a pretty beautiful lighthouse with a bitchin’ chunk of southern history.

Tybee Lighthouse, which looks closely enough to the Fire Island Lighthouse to make me homesick.
Tybee Lighthouse, which looks closely enough to the Fire Island Lighthouse to make me homesick.

You see, this lighthouse was taken by the rebels during the Civil War, then burnt down so that the Union troops couldn’t use it. What they didn’t factor for some bizarre reason is that the building is half stone, so really, they just burned the stairs and their chances of the North not having a lookout. Then you have the fort Screven next to it, which has a hell of a history to it as well that I can’t even begin to explain. Needless to say, when it was still a defensive military fort, they used to disguise it as a sand dune. Yup, bye bye fort, just a huge lump of sand that seems a little out of place.

So of course being on an island and being a homesick island girl, I needed to see the beach. I needed sand between my toes and Atlantic licking at my ankles and wind to make my hair a crow’s nest. And a pocket stuffed to the brim with shells.

So many shells, such little room in the car.
So many shells, such little room in the car.
Look, they're suggesting you stay a while, how nice.
Look, they’re suggesting you stay a while, how nice.

And I got it all, and then some. We now have shells rattling around in most pockets of the doors, and it makes me ridiculously happy. I will retire here one day, fifty years give or take.

The only other thing we did in Georgia was get the hell out of Dodge, leaving at 9:00 PM and getting into New Orleans at 6:30 AM. I don’t recommend this drive to anyone. Night driving is already not fun, but when you have hundreds of miles of unlit roads and no rest stops, and the one rest stop you finally find in Mississippi is surrounded by “palmetto bugs” (C’mon, southerners… They are cockroaches) it just adds to your misery. The sunrise over New Orleans was lovely, though, and the promise of a new adventure for my travel partner and I.

But that adventure is for another day, and another blog post. Keep reading!


7 thoughts on “Road Trip days 4-5: Georgia on My Mind.

  1. I am on a road trip right now too…currently in NOLA and visited Savannah about 1.5 weeks ago. We also checked out Moon River and were surprised by all the public drinking in the south! Sad that we missed Tybee Island…also would have loved to see Kiawah. Otherwise looks like we are having a parallel trip lol. Where are you off to next? We are going to Austin on Friday!


    1. That is amazing! We are actually currently in San Antonio, and from here going to Dallas. You should check out San Antonio; it is beautiful, and the Alamo is pretty intense. What’s your favorite place been so far?


      1. Oh boy that is hard to say…I think maybe Charleston. We only spent an afternoon there but I thought it was so pretty. How about you?


      2. I wish we had stopped in Charleston. It sounds lovely. I loved Savannah the best so far, with San Antonio a close second. What’s your itinerary after Texas?


      3. Sorry for the late response! We ended up doing Santa Fe right after, then Denver, Arches National Park, Four Corners, and now we are in Flagstaff to go to Grand Canyon tomorrow. After that, its Los Vegas, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and maybe a part of Canada. If you have the chance, you should check out Arches Nation Park in Utah. It’s a little out of the way, though. Hope all is well!


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